Hot Filter Press

Filtration, Cake Washing and Drying in one Filter Press

The hot filter press combines the standard process steps (filtration, filter cake washing and repressing) of a membrane filter press with the function of a thermic drying. All process steps are carried out in one machine, the hot filter press. A cost intensive vacuum drying is not anymore needed.

The TCD-filter press system (Thermal Cake Drying System)

hot filter press diagram

In the base version the technical design is consistent with a standard filter press with a plate packet of membrane filter plates. Filtration, washing and pressing out are done the usual way. But in contrast to the conventional method hot steam (ca. 120 °C) flows through the space behind the membrane for drying. As an advantage of this method no complex external drying is needed anymore.

Hot Filter Press MSE

Key Benefits of TCD


The Steam Front EffectThe Steam Front Effect

Newly designed heating plates with heat exchangers made of V4A (type 316) solve the present problem of the poorly heat transfer capacity using PP filter plates. By the use of the latest materials it is possible now to filtrate and wash through the heating plate. Thus effectiveness and profitability are considerable increased.

Key Design benefits

Key Design benefits of the Generation 2 TCD Sandwich element


diagram hot filter press tcd-cycle